It’s all go!

It’s all go!

It’s all go here at the moment

I haven’t had chance to sit down and type out a post.  There’s probably too much for a single one so I’ll try and keep it to the point!

The eggs are doing good, since my last post we found that number 11 is actually OK!  So we have 4 in the incubator and 3 with Snowy.  The weights and visible development all look great.  I will update the hatching eggs page soon to be more relevant and future proof, and also post the weights etc. Only 11 days to wait now!

We have been spending most of our spare time drastically pushing forward with the garden changes.

It’s all hands to deck! We stripped the turf and levelled the ground for the paving slabs that form the new shed base
The turf that we cut from the garden was donated to the chickens who were over the moon!
I laid the base for the shed using slabs from other areas of the garden
The small chicken run is no more!  We’d also started to level the area for where the chicken run will move to
There was some confusion after I sealed off the hole that was between the two runs!

The general concept of the layout is that the chickens will have a strip across the back of the garden which will consist of the big run, a shed-like coop and an outside area.  There will also be a small storage shed for keeping food and other poultry related paraphernalia!  Then the left hand side will have the long awaited veg plot, a composter, the greenhouses and the shed.  The right side where the chicken run currently sits will become an area for the kids to have a swing and playhouse.

This gives an idea on the total area the chickens (and ducks!) will have

Snowy is doing amazing with her eggs.  My youngest daughter has taken pride in looking after her by way of regular treats and drinks delivered to her coop!  The eggs are all developing and weigh as they should, there’s movement when candled which is exciting to see.  I am hoping she sits for the full duration this time, I think she will.  I hope that when she can feel the feedback of movement from the eggs it will keep her there.

Snowy out and getting some refreshments
This is the very first time the three big ones saw themselves in a mirror 😀
I think they found this cucumber refreshing

On the veg plot side I have recycled some of the wood from the old deck and built a composter which turned out OK.  I even managed to reuse the screws from the deck!

The composter

In the last picture for this post you can see the veg plot side taking shape.  there’s just a bit more grass to remove and then I will build the veg plot using more of the wood from the deck.  I also need to come up with a way to separate the grassed area as we’ll be covering the walkway with either slate chippings or bark and need to have a defined separation.

It’s taking shape!

The fences have also been painted or given another coat where required, but I can’t take credit for that, it’s Sam’s handy work!

We’re quite happy with the progress!

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  1. Loads happening – you must be delighted with how it’s all progressing. The events will certainly be entertaining your girls (feathered and non-feathered)!

    1. Very happy with progress at the moment, both with our garden plans and the eggs! Only 5 more days to go and one more official candle and weigh in a few days. I will do a proper write up on the eggs then.

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