Loads of progress

Loads of progress

We’ve made loads of progress over the last few days

I’ve spent most of my spare time working on the new run and it’s really taking shape.

The plan is to get the run and coop finished, move the birds over and then use the wood from the old run to build the new shed.

View from the front
You can see where the door from the shed will be
The side where the coop and nestbox will be. The pop hole to the outside run is visible

The coop design needs to be finalised. Looking at the last pic, we’ve decided to have it raised across the whole run with the coop on the right and the nestbox on the left with an access hatch from outside. This will give them tonnes of room inside the coop without taking up floor space in the run. It’ll be easy enough to clean at waist height too.

Quite a bit to do but the end is in sight now!

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