Second day

Second day

The second day with the new pair

Upon looking out of the window this morning we couldn’t see either Poppy or Polo in the small run yet Snowy was out.

The kids were first down there after scrambling to get their wellies on, but still in their pyjamas.

Turns out the new pair were still inside the coop, I’m not really sure why, it’s all new to them though that’s for sure. Once out everything was fine.

An interesting event occurred in that I watched Poppy the Silkie peck Snowy more than once, not aggressively, but definitely to claim her position in the pecking order. Unsurprisingly Snowy submitted and accepted the lower position. I have now seen both Snowy and Poppy do the same to Polo the Polish.

So that seems to be sorted. Poppy, Snowy and then Polo.

I do wonder what would happen if Poppy was introduced to the three big ones, she’s clearly not as timid as Snowy.

This evening we got home when it was dark. So I went to see if they’d found the coop. Nope.

Polo perched on the feeder!
Poppy settled in the corner

I moved them into the coop and wonder if they’ll emerge of their own accord in the morning.

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4 thoughts on “Second day

  1. It’s early days; am sure things will work out. When I bought Cotton, I also bought a partridge silkie, Mac, who very rapidly rose to second in the pecking order in a flock of 14 at the time. Some are instinctively dominant.

    1. There’s been nothing visible between Poppy and Snowy the Silkies now it’s sorted. Poppy also leaves Polo the Polish alone. But Snowy is still keen to peck Polo at the moment. Hoping it calms down.

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