The decision

The decision

We made the decision

Snowy needed a friend. So on my way home from work this afternoon I took a detour to Pear Tree Poultry near Preston to see what they had. My commute from today’s office is at least two hours and it meant a detour of 20 minutes in the wrong direction. We’ve been to Pear Tree in the past but not bought anything.

I had a look round and saw a Silkie I liked the look of so went to ask a member of staff but it turned out the Silkies I saw were on holiday. Pear Tree offers a boarding service for hens. Further to that, they had no Silkies left!

The backup plan was a Polish hen, but I wasn’t sure about the size, they’re tiny bantams.

The very helpful girl came with me to point out what was what, and to her surprise there was one single Silkie hen that appeared from one of the sheds!

After some thought I decided to buy the Silkie and a black Polish that has a white head.

In the car for the long drive home

These two were from different flocks in different pens but there was no squabbling on the way home.

When I pulled up on our drive, they were just sat resting

I decided to just put them in with Snowy. I’d normally separate any new comers but I checked them over and trust the breeder.

There were no issues at all. Snowy started running around a bit but soon calmed. The new comers didn’t really know what to do.

The kids named them:

Welcome “Poppy”
And welcome little “Polo”

As you can see in the pic, Polo has that many head feathers her eyes are covered. She couldn’t see! I proved this by waving my hands around in front of her and she didn’t flinch!

So we got the scissors out! She was really calm and let us trim them. She’s actually a very tame chicken, which is perfect.

Immediate improvement and she started to explore the area.

We put some corn down and Snowy was wolfing it down, the other two obviously hadn’t experienced it before and weren’t!

With a bit of persuasion, Poppy tried the corn and then seemed to be enjoying it. Eventually Polo did too but Snowy gave her a light peck to show who’s boss. There wasn’t any conflict between Snowy and Poppy.

Snowy and Poppy, quite comfortable together
Polo on my foot!

We watched from the window as bedtime came, the three big ones went into the main coop and then Snowy jumped up and went into the Eglu.

It was gradually getting darker and Poppy and Polo were just mooching about in the run with no sign of looking for somewhere to perch. So I went out to put them in the Eglu.

I put Polo in first, as I lowered her down she started flapping and Spooked Snowy who walked out of the front. There’s a piece of wood inside the Eglu that Snowy perches on, it’s the same wood as the perches she’s used to, I put Polo on the perch but I’ll have to review this as she has smaller feet.

Next I lifted Poppy up onto the platform infront of the Eglu where Snowy was loitering. They just stood there together looking into the run. It’s great as they seem comfortable together, hope it stays like this.

Shall we go in?

Eventually Snowy went back in and got back on the perch.

Polo and snowy were in, but Poppy stayed near the door

I put Poppy through the door and then went back in the house to get the kids to bed.

When I checked, she was snuggled up with Snowy!

I decided to put her on the perch with the other two, easier said than done! But I managed it! Ace.

Let’s see what tomorrow brings

I could have got away with just getting the Silkie, but I’ve always liked the Polish hens and couldn’t resist. When I got home I realised how tiny she really is! Snowy is small compared to the three big ones, Poppy is smaller than Snowy and Polo is smaller than Poppy. She’s like a parrot! She is only 14 weeks old and will grow a bit more, hopefully substantially!

At one point Polo flapped and ran up the side of the run by gripping onto the weld mesh, I’m not sure if she could fly but she can grip onto things!

I’m excited and intrigued for the morning now!

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  1. An exciting new chapter begins: I wish you luck and look forward to seeing the many more ducklings you’ll be hatching in the future. Both beautiful birds.

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