And… breath

And… breath

This is just a quick update – I’m conscious the blog has fell behind yet again.

We have had a nightmare.

First we found the red mites in the Eglu coop where Snowy, Poppy and Polo live.  Presuming they came with Poppy and Polo.  We got them under control with the help of Permethrin products.

A couple of days after my last post, so about two weeks ago now, I noticed that Polo was very lethargic, had gunky eyes and nostrils, oh no, our first poorly chicken.  So I separated her into a crate in the shed.

A couple of days on and Poppy had the same symptoms, so I separated her into another crate, also in the shed.

A couple of days later I decided to take them to the vets, he didn’t really know what it was and prescribed some (very expensive) Tylan soluble, which was what I wanted, it seems to be the wonder drug for chickens.

Then another couple of days later, Snowy who was alone in her run, also came down with the same symptoms.

So the three of them have been having Tylan in the beak via a syringe and also in their drinking water for a week each, Snowy has just finished hers and they all do seem better.

Tonight I have just put Poppy and Polo back in with Snowy for the first time in about two weeks.

The three big ones have been fine throughout, no symptoms at all and everything normal.

It was quite stressful in the beginning, having three separate poorly chickens to look after.

Hopefully it is behind us now.

The “hospital”


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  1. So sorry to hear of your troubles. Carol is the tylan expert and no doubt will have experiences to share. It’s fortunate that the big hens have not been afflicted.

    1. Hi dave, very late response. I have read about Tylan on Carol’s blog a lot and that’s where I learnt about it. It has definitely helped.

  2. It does sound like a form of mycoplasma and tylan is the miracle cure. I put tylan soluble in their drinking water so that all the girls get a dose. It’s a good preventive as well as cure. I pay £40.00 for a bottle that has 100g. I use one teaspoon per litre of water and it has a years date on it so it lasts me a year with several treatings.

    Oddly enough I have just treated mine again. I didn’t mention it on my blog as I was afraid that I was being a bit paranoid. I had noticed that each one of the girls was sneezing but no other symptoms. I decided to treat them to be on the safe side and my tylan was at the end of it’s “use by” date anyway. I then ordered a fresh supply so that I have it in stock for the winter.

    The good news is that if you catch it early they soon respond to the tylan. Older birds are also less likely to suffer, it seems to most effect the young birds. The bad news is that once you have it once they carry it and it can flare up at times in the future. You have to stay vigilant. I keep tylan at all times and treat at any symptoms as there is quite a range of symptoms. They can be lethargic, sneezing, mucus from eyes or beak, bubbles in their eyes, wobbly when walking and may have just one of those symptoms or more so I treat at any of the symptoms. It is very contagious too.

    I hope all is soon back to normal for you. I feel for you having been through this several times. I haven’t lost any girls to this from when I was able to identify it and treat with tylan which is the other good news.

    I lost my first two girls (Caramel and Pebbles) as it was before I knew what it was and I had been prescribed antibiotic by the vet which did nothing to help. Keep us updated. I will be keeping my fingers crossed for you.

  3. Hi Carol,

    I have learnt a lot about Mycoplasma and Tylan, all from your very informative posts.

    The symptoms definitely are in line with it but part of me hoped it isn’t. The more you read about it though the more common it seems to be. Which is strange as it seems to be quite misunderstood too.

    The Tylan was about the same price for the same amount although the vets wouldn’t let us have it all due to some “drug laws”, they dispensed a smaller amount and issued that. They are holding the rest for us and it’s there if we need it.

    I am due a big catch-up read on your blog as I’ve fell behind again. Hope everything is OK

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