Lagging behind again

Lagging behind again

This is a super quick post, an attempt to get up to date!

The Tylan did the trick and cleared up the illness in Polo, Poppy and Snowy.  We currently have the two separate flocks in their respective runs.  The small guys still have the Eglu Go coop, which I now dislike after the red mite drama.  It has way too many hiding places and I can confirm red mites DO reside in plastic coops.  The Nettex Total Mite Kill spray that contains Permethrin did the job and killed them off so I now put a light coat of that on as a precautionaty measure, it stinks though so you have to do it early morning so the smell goes before bed time.

After I’d moved the small guys out of the cages in the temporary hospital as per my last post, I didn’t get round to clearing the cages for about a week.  I found quite a few red mite on the cage that Polo was in, so the shed got a blasting with the Permethrin spray and I hope there aren’t any lurking in there.  The plan with that shed is to use it for storing gardening tools and garden furniture, so I definitely don’t want them horrible little things in there.

I’ve been putting all the birds together as much as I can in an attempt to work towards merging them if possible.  It’s not been so bad.

All together with minimum fuss

The little guys all get along well now despite a stage where Snowy seemed to be picking on Polo.  When they’re all together, the three big guys leave Polo alone unless she gets too close to “their” food, but they quite often show the Silkies who’s boss.  It’s not too bad now though so we might be getting there.  I’d love to have them all together.

Two groups

Polo is still insisting on sleeping outside.  She was settling on top of the Eglu coop, she’s an impressive flyer!  The last few days she’s settled on top of the water barrel.  I have to go and put her in the coop every night, I think it’s tool cold for her to be out now.

Belle has been moulting and looks quite sorry for herself.  She’s also very skittish and runs away if I go near her.  She does have new feathers coming through and it looks like they might be a lighter colour.

Looking tatty

I was working near Nottingham a few weeks ago and popped to a gearbox specialist with my van which needs some work doing.  It was in the middle of nowhere and I came across loads of chickens roaming around on the road!  As I approached they all ran the opposite way to what I was travelling, except one that ended up in front.  She then jumped up and flew over the hedge which was quite impressive!

Birds on the road

A few weeks ago we harvested everything from our vegetable patch.  We had carrots and runner beans which we’ve frozen and cook as required.  They are amazing and we’ll definitely be keeping the vegetable plot going!

Runner beans!

So, everything is ticking over here.  There is still quite a lot more work to do in the garden but I think we’ve settled on leaving the rest until after winter now.  I am quite happy with what we got done this year though.

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2 thoughts on “Lagging behind again

  1. I think mycoplasma is more common than we think but sometimes misunderstood because of the range of symptoms. I also think it’s a myth that you won’t get red mite in plastic coops. I think red mite will get anywhere, I guess it’s just easier to clean plastic.

    It looks like you are almost there with integrating the two groups. My Speckles still tries to perch outside sometimes which is annoying. I too have to move her inside. She is doing this less since it’s got colder but did so again last night.

    Your carrots and beans look amazing. We have never had much success with carrots and this year our beans were the worst yet due to the dry summer. We had loads of courgettes though and the tomatoes were not bad. We still have leaks and some potatoes.

    My girls are all doing okay and I am still getting eggs from Ebony and Flame which was unexpected and a few from Dandelion and Cinnamon.

  2. Hi Carol,

    I have been terrible with updating the blog and also I’m months behind on yours. I will get some time off soon and hope to get caught up on everything.

    Hope you are well.

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