Unfortunately we’re not spending much time with the hens at the moment. It’s dark when we leave in the morning and dark when we get home.

Poppy went broody a few weeks ago which was shortly followed by Snowy going broody too. So the two of them are spending most of their time sat in the Eglu at the moment unless I turf them out. They’re not sat on any eggs as they’ve stopped laying and Polo is yet to lay.

Belle is now fully feathered again but Star is now moulting and looks like a plucked chicken bless her. Why do they lose their coats when the weather’s cold?!

When Snowy is out of the coop she’s keen to peck Polo which is disappointing although Polo is capable of getting away without problems.

The three big ones still attack the Silkies if they’re all together. Unless there’s an abundance of corn to distract them.

Plenty of corn occupies them all

We got up one morning last week to find the storm had ripped part of the corrugated roofing off the chicken coop. It was all wet inside, I suspect the three big ones had a rough night.

They could have got out or a predator could have got in.

Part of the roof had ripped away

I was due to work away and couldn’t leave it as is so had to rush to B&Q to get more sheets. The original sheets are 2.4m long which fits the dimensions of the roof perfectly, I’d got them from B&Q and intended to just get more.

When I got there it turns out they don’t do the 2.4m ones and only have 2m, that’s 40cm too short!

I bought 4 sheets and some screws, £50 unexpected spend!

Carefully placed ladders so I could install the new sheets

Once back home I found that the sheets had a different profile that didn’t lock-in with the originals, they’re totally different. It’s a bit annoying as it’s not as neat as it was before.

In the end I only installed two sheets overlapped but I’ll replace the two on the end when I have more time.

All done

I also fitted a wooden interior ceiling to the coop. I intended to do this in the summer but never went back to it. We stapled weed-stop fabric in place at the time to make it dark, I’ve removed that now. I realised how drafty it could be which needed to be resolved.

At some point I will remove the roof sheets that cover the coop and install a piece of plastic fabric between the wood and the sheets to protect the wood from moisture.

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5 thoughts on “Broody

  1. What a pain having part of the roof come off. At this time of year chickens have such short days. I am lucky that we mostly work from home.

    A quick update on my girls. Speckles no longer wants to sleep outside now that it is colder and dark early but the silky girls peck in the pop hole and keep the amigos (bottom girls) from going in. So now most evenings some or all of the amigos are still out when the automatic door closes and I have to let them in.

    Dandelion is moulting and looking tatty and Flame has just started leaving piles of feathers in the shed overnight but oddly doesn’t look any different. Only Ebony is still laying but is losing some long feathers so I think she will also stop laying soon.

    All the girls are okay though which is the main thing and apart from the bedtime thing they all get along really well.

  2. Hi, Kevin

    You’ve had a frustrating time and sometimes things happen that we have to deal with immediately. Your flock all seem healthy and broody silkies is to be expected – I have two at the moment, which has almost halved the number I had laying.

    Polo looks to be a real character, really resilient. You are right about seeing little of our birds at this time of year; I’m fortunate to be retired now and find that I’m doing the afternoon feed at about 2 o’clock and they have all turned in for the night at about 3.30!

    Hope you have no more unexpected problems and may your broodies come back into lay.

    Best wishes,


  3. Just in case you do look in and wonder why I said Flame looked no different, she then dropped a load more feathers and looked awful. Everything is fine though.

    Anyway I just wanted to wish you a really Happy Christmas and New Year. X

  4. Thank you both for your comments and the updates Carol. I did manage to catch up on your posts over Christmas but then fell behind again!

    I have a half finished post that I need to complete as yet again my blog has fell behind.

    Happy New Year to you guys too.

  5. I look forward to your update. All is well this end. Flame is through her moult, Ebony is still laying and now four amigos and one silky girl are laying so only one amigo and one silky girl yet to start. Having eggs is real bonus.

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