Duck eggs with a Silkie hen

Duck eggs with a Silkie hen

Six fertile Indian Runner duck eggs

This page is about Snowy our broody Silkie hen who is currently sat on some fertile Indian Runner duck eggs.  I will update this as time passes.

We purchased six eggs and gave three to Snowy and put the other three in an incubator, just in case Snowy gives up.

I am going to use this page as both a log and also to prompt me to carry out the various stages of incubation like candling.

We have numbered each egg and logged the weights.

  • 10/11/17 – Three eggs put under Snowy, three put in the incubator
    • Egg weights: #1: 73g  #2: 70g  #3: 84g  #4: 84g  #5: 81g  #6: 71g
    • NOTES: Snowy seemed to accept the eggs, time will tell
  • 14/11/17 – The last few days
    • NOTES: The great news is that Snowy has accepted the eggs and is sitting on them day and night with just one break when we open the door in the morning.  I hope they hatch for her after the dedication she has shown thus far.
    • I candled one of Snowy’s eggs on impulse but failed to get the number. It’s developing!
  • 15/11/17 – Candled the eggs!
    • Candle results: #1: EXCELLENT  #2: GOOD  #3: NONE  #4: NONE  #5: EXCELLENT #6: EXCELLENT
    • NOTES: Happy that all the eggs in the incubator are progressing, plus one of Snowy’s but it’s a shame that Snowy has the two duds.
  • 17/11/17 – Candle and weigh eggs – find out if they are fertile and succesful
    • Candle results: #1: PROGRESSING!  #2: PROGRESSING! #5: PROGRESSING! #6: PROGRESSING!
    • Egg weights: #1: 70g  #2: 66g  #5: 77g  #6: 69g
    • NOTES: Average weight is 72g and the ideal weight is 72.38g based on 14% weight loss.  Perfect!
  • 24/11/17 – Candle and weigh eggs
    • Candle results: #1: Movement  #2: Movement, bigger air sack #5: Movement #6: Movement
    • Egg weights: #1: 67  #2: N/A  #5: 75  #6: 67
    • NOTES: Movement visible in all eggs when candled.  Egg weights from the incubator show that humidity is perfect!  Snowy’s egg has a larger air sack than the others.
  • 01/11/17 – Candle and weigh eggs
    • Candle results: #1: Movement  #2: Movement  #5: Lots of “whitespace” in the egg  #6: Movement
    • Egg weights: #1: 64  #2: N/A  #5: 72  #6: 66
    • NOTES: Egg #5 has a band of empty space along one side, I am unsure why.  It looks to be under-developed compared to the other eggs.
  • 06/11/17 – 2 days before hatch day.  Time to  increase humidity.  Incubator will stop turning the eggs.  Candle and weigh again
    • Candle results: #1: TBC  #2: TBC  #5: TBC  #6: TBC 
    • Egg weights: #1: TBC  #2: TBC  #5: TBC  #6: TBC 
    • NOTES:
  • 08/12/17 – Hatch due day!
    • NOTES:


Snowy the Silkie taking good care of the three duck eggs