Near enough done

Near enough done

It’s near enough done now!

What a job! Over the last couple of weeks we’ve finished the run and coop then moved the birds over.

All the walls complete

It stayed like this for a couple of days. I was working up until about 11pm and getting as much done as possible but always went to bed wishing I’d progressed further.

The structure of the coop and nestbox area

Next I put the weldmesh where required. This time I’ve used the 10mm hole version which has smaller holes than the last stuff which I think was 20mm.

Weld mesh

I also finished the coop. It has two doors, the left side is where the nest boxes are and has a solid wood floor. The right has a mesh floor and the perches.

We moved the roof over, which had to be made slightly longer, and then moved all the birds over into their respective sides.

I ran out of weld mesh so had to bodge some panels in place to block the holes temporarily.

The bodged front
The nest box moved over. I plan to build a new one that is accessed from outside

That evening the chickens wanted to get back to their usual coop. I put them inside the new one, on the perches, but they got down and made a racket. Eventually they decided to settle in the nest boxes.

We realised it was too light for them. The solution was to staple some weed-stop fabric onto the roof inside the coop to make it more cosy. By this time it was quite dark and they stayed on the perches when I moved them back.

Inside the coop with weed-stop as a ceiling
The hole where the door will eventually be

The second night they went into the coop but when I went to check, Star popped her head out…

Peek a boo!
…turns out they’d settled near the entrance
So I moved them to the perch

The third night onwards they go to bed on the perch. Success!

This is what the finished article looks like:

Quite happy with it
This is the outside run
The remains of the old chicken run

Theres still a fair amount of work to do, the shed needs to be built using the wood from the old chicken run. Then there’s more paving and tidying up to finish the rest of the garden.

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Loads of progress

Loads of progress

We’ve made loads of progress over the last few days

I’ve spent most of my spare time working on the new run and it’s really taking shape.

The plan is to get the run and coop finished, move the birds over and then use the wood from the old run to build the new shed.

View from the front
You can see where the door from the shed will be
The side where the coop and nestbox will be. The pop hole to the outside run is visible

The coop design needs to be finalised. Looking at the last pic, we’ve decided to have it raised across the whole run with the coop on the right and the nestbox on the left with an access hatch from outside. This will give them tonnes of room inside the coop without taking up floor space in the run. It’ll be easy enough to clean at waist height too.

Quite a bit to do but the end is in sight now!

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Building work progress

Building work progress

A very brief building work progress update

We’ve been cracking on and I’m happy with the progress. On Saturday I finished all the brickwork for the run and then mixed and poured a concrete base for the new storage shed.

Brickwork for the run all complete
This is where the shed will be

The shed will have a door into it from the front and then a door into the run. The idea is that we’ll swap shoes in the shed, before going into the chicken run which will incease biosecurity. Inside will be metal or plastic storage containers for the food and shelves for other stuff.

In the picture I’ve just put the last six blocks in location, I need to mix a final batch of mortar and lay them in place. I’ll do this when the chicken run is complete, stage 2 if you like.

This evening I started on the framing for the new run. The timber arrived early this morning as planned. I like this bit as it’s very quick to see progress.

We decided to slope the roof towards the front and have the guttering where it’s easily accessible for cleaning. The trees will drop lots of leaves onto the roof and I’m sure they’ll end up in the gutter.

The final pic shows what it’s going to look like. Exciting!

It’s great to see what it’ll look like
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